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Aviation & Meteorology

P. A. Telecoms has provided services and solutions to the aviation industry for close to a decade now, and is experienced in Air Traffic Control solutions; providing cost-effective and realistic solutions for the aviation communications need. We serve Airline Operators, Civil Aviation Authorities/Regulators, Military agencies and the Meteorological Agency, offering integrated communications solutions to both the domestic and international  communications need of airlines. Our service capability in this industry means we can design and install an integrated information communications system network that enable airline operations head office to communicate with remote locations, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to reduce cost of communications by about 60%, thereby maximizing the benefits of existing infrastructures.


The new face of man-pack for Air Ticketing, Mobile, Emergency, and Terminal Operation.
Services capability
bullet Ground-to-Air solution
bullet ATC Control Consoles
bullet Area Control Consoles
bullet VHF/UHF/HF Radio Systems
bullet Voice Recording/Logging system
bullet Flight Data processing system
bullet Fixed /mobile control tower
bullet Conventional meteorological solutions
bullet Upper air monitoring system
bullet Lightening and thunder detection systems
bullet Airport Weather Monitoring Systems
bullet ATIS
bullet Wireless Security/Control System (tarmac, runway etc)
bullet Wireless Broadband Internet for operators
bullet Tetra Trunking Radio systems
bullet Integrated consoles for inter-communications among different airports
bullet Tower integrated communication consoles
bullet Remote site radio link and monitoring system



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