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Health & Safety Policy

At P. A. Telecoms International Limited, we attach great importance to safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, customers, visitors and anyone who might be affected by our undertakings. Our aim is to comply with Health and Safety Regulations relevant to our industry.

We view our employees as our most important asset and therefore, will seek not only to prevent injury and ill health arising from work floor, but also to positively promote good health through effective communication of relevant information, establishing and maintaining safe work practices, training, provision of safe working environments and equipment.

Our policy on health and safety is not only a legal obligation, but also a good management practice which we hope will increase staff morale and motivation, and reduction in financial losses. To achieve this objective, every member of the organization is involved due to its fundamental importance. A framework of performance monitoring standard such as operational meetings is already in place to enable us measure our health and safety performances.

We will ensure our partners and contractors employed to work with us are competent and that they conduct their activities so as not to expose themselves, our staff, or members of the public to health risks and hazards.

We will strive to adhere to the health and safety standards in the course of our service delivery at customer’s sites and premises.

At P. A. Telecoms, the world’s best practice is our position - zero incidents which means no accident. This standard guides our employees in the offices, while at customers sites, at Oil Fields and Rigs.


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