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Sea Ports reform has become the alternative to effective Cargo handling and Port management. Together with these reform programmes which is already taking shape in many countries of the world, is corresponding demand in critical security, monitoring and information communications platforms to ensure safety and security of sea ports personnel, effective communications amongst the various Ports Control Units and integration with independent port operators.

Our understanding of this industry means we are capable of designing and implementing a converged information communications network suitable to deliver voice, high speed data, video surveillance and fax, depending on the operatorís requirements. Also, the Port Control Unit can depend on us for a multi-level integrated communications consoles and network architecture to provide a converged platform on all sea ports communications needs on the screen of a computer, including Automatic Identification
System (AIS).
  In brief

* Multi-Channel Trunking
* Voice, Data, & Video
* Two-way Radio
* Automatic Identification
   System (AIS)
* Intelligent Interconnect
* Integrated Port Control
   Communication Systems
* Survival Craft
* Port Police Control Centre
* Tetra
* Advanced Communication
* Ports LAN/WAN/MAN and
* Toll-free Telephone
   Interconnect among
   various Ports

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