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At P. A Telecoms, we provide total telecommunications solutions to the Oil & Gas Platforms and Operations Centers, beginning from the Ground-to-Air solutions for effective communication between the Rig and Offshore-going helicopters. This provides accurate information on the movement of oil service engineers and experts.

With our PASat VSAT, remote Rigs can relay down-hole data about the well to the operation centers for strategic decision making. This solution has become the alternative with the capability to provide free VoIP among different remote stations, plus, high speed data and video. Our conventional meteorological solutions ensure weather information is available for offshore-going Pilots.

For a last-mile solutions, our Wireless Local Loop (WLL) and the Fixed Cellular Terminal (FCTs) become the choice for voice, data and fax applications, and are easily deployed in a fraction of time spent on other technologies.

With our fibre optic security solution, you can put a stop to pipeline vandalisation by monitoring pipeline through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which provides information on the exact location where the vandalisation is taking place. Security agents can be dispatched promptly to the location without guessing the location. Please contact us for more information.



In Brief

bullet Integrated Voice/Data transmission
bullet Voice encrypted VHF/UHF/HF systems
bullet VSAT Broadband and VoIP
bullet Wireless ISP
bullet Mobile Portable VSAT
bullet Wireless LAN/WAN
bullet Intelligent Digital Switch for interoperability
bullet Air Traffic Control System/Meteorology
bullet Microwave Radio link (last mile solution)
bullet Satellite Broadcast
bullet RF survey
bullet Private/Corporate Solution
bullet IP Intercom PABX
bullet Remote Site Solution
bullet GSM Fixed Cellular terminal (Fax/Voice)
bullet Passport NTS and Tetra Solutions
bullet Maritime Solutions
bullet Mission Critical systems



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