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Digital and IP PABX Solutions

Give us that village!

Building on our entrepreneurial instinct, we focus on partnering with States and Local Governments on the States Accelerated Broadband Initiative (SABI) to bring Internet connectivity services and solutions to every village, every town, every people and every corporate, thereby getting rural people connected to the information super highway and make them part of the global village.

* Increased in job opportunity
* Reduction in urban migration
* Burgeoning local economy and lots more.
Rural Business IP Connectivity
Taking digital technologies to the rural business

P. A. Telecoms is committed to bridging the existing gap between the rural regions and its urban counterparts through implementation of scalable and rural IP connectivity infrastructures to enable the rural and remote people and businesses connect to the Internet world.
With our wide range of last mile, wireless local loop technologies we deliver a full range of IP services/solutions including
voice, data and Internet from a single platform, utilizing low energy systems and solar powered technology where
electricity supply is a problem. With these blend of technologies, we hope to provide a touch of innovation on how businesses in rural locations should be run.


Key benefits!

bullet Branch Office PBX and Ethernet Connectivity.
bullet Rural Internet Services (legacy voice & data)
bullet Last-Mile backhaul.
bullet Rural Telecentres.
bullet Central Office E1 Extension.
bullet Disaster Recovery Applications.
bullet Converged Platforms for Local Governments, Schools and Hospitals.
bullet Long Distance Trunking applications.
bullet Low Set-up Cost.
bullet Rapid growth and development of
Business Incubation


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